Core Values
What I Believe.

Custom and Individualized:

I believe that each client should receive a completely custom and hand made program based on their own limitations, preferences,

injury history and goals.

Small Group Is Better: 


I believe that training, teaching and coaching in a small group setting is the most effective, personalized and affordable way to help you achieve your goals.

Joint Health Matters:

I believe that in order to help you live a pain-free lifestyle, we must take care of your joints.

Nutrition Is Critical:

I believe that nutrition should be taught in a way that provides you with certainty and confidence, without the confines of a one size fits all program.

Behavior Change Is Key:

I believe that in order to help you in the most effective way possible you must learn how to change your own behavior.

At Structure, you will learn how to do just that.

Fitness You Look Forward To:

I believe in creating a training environment where you feel safe, challenged and are always looking forward to the next session.

There is Always a Way: 


I believe that no matter where you are at on your journey that there is always a way to get you to where you want to get to.

How is Structure Different?
Not better or worse. Just different.
  • Offer sessions done in a large group, less personalized class setting.

  • Don't address the root cause of behavior change for long-term results.

  • Use challenges and competitions to produce short term non-permanent results.

  • Follow a one size fits all approach to nutrition and exercise.

  • Do not focus on improving the health of your joints in order to reduce aches and pains.

  • Can't customize your workout based on your injury history due to the large size of the class.

  • Offers small group personal training (no more than 6 people per session) in order to provide the highest quality of training while at an affordable rate.

  • Addresses the root cause of behavior change so that you can find your ideal health and weight in the shortest amount of time.

  • Tailors each session around your own unique injury history and fitness level. Just show up and I'll do the rest!

  • Improves the health of your joints so that you can live a pain-free lifestyle.

  • Eliminates nutritional overwhelm and confusion without a "cookie cutter" approach.

  • Educates you on how to create any result in your health and fitness no matter the circumstances.

  • Develops a professional relationship with each and every single member (sarcasm included at no extra charge).