• Jeremy Armendinger

How To Eliminate Poor Eating Habits

Have you picked up some bad habits that you know aren't healthy for you, but you still can't seem to just get rid of? Today I'll share with you how I help my own clients with this exact same problem.

Habits are simply patterns of thinking reinforced by our biology.

Say somebody at a party offers you a cookie, you think to yourself "I'll just have one", you take the cookie, eat it and experience a ping of pleasure. That ping of pleasure is then reinforced into your biology every time you see a commercial for cookies. Causing you to buy more cookies. Causing you to now have the habit of eating cookies.

The important thing to know here is that even though our behavior can be reinforced and even strengthened by chemical processes going on in the body, it can always be superseded by our conscious thought.

How do people quit smoking?

Yes, they may get help from a drug to curb cravings, but the root cause of somebody ultimately quitting smoking is a decision. That decision comes in the form of a thought. If both you and your spouse smoke and the next day your spouse gets diagnosed with a fatal disease, you may think "wow, we need to get our act together and change our habits" leading to the actions of quitting smoking, eating healthier and exercising more.

People change their habits based on what goes on in their brain.

The best news that I can give you is that you can choose how you think, at any moment, no matter how bad your circumstances are. You don't have to wait to get healthy, you can begin to get healthy right now.

Now, if you have eaten cookies for years will it be harder to give that up that compared to someone who hasn't?

Probably. Because you have conditioned your body to crave them. So it may be rough at first and this is to be expected and normal.

Make the decision that cookies no longer serve you and yes GET RID OF THEM. Throw them in the garbage if you'd like, but just know that it was not the cookies that caused you to eat them. It was your thinking and that is something that you can change.