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A Guide to Realistic Expectations When Starting a Fitness Routine

How much weight can I expect to lose and how long will it take? A common question and one that is not always the easiest to answer. However in this blog post I will share with you what I tell every client what to expect moving forward on day 1.

A client's progress and results will mainly be determined by their sleep, movement (different than exercise), stress levels and nutrition outside of their sessions at Structure. In essence the decisions that you make outside of your actual personal training sessions will have more of an influence on your results than the actual sessions will. Knowing this, is the reason why Structure puts so much of an emphasis on behavior change. If you are not aware of how to change your habits and incorporate a new healthier way of living, then your investment of time, money and energy are not being maximized.

Assuming that you know the correct things to do outside of the gym AND you do them, then you can expect to see results much faster.

But how fast?

During your first month of personal training you can immediately expect to have more energy, notice a change in your body's muscle tone, improved sleep, reduced joint pain and possibly even a loss of lbs in body fat.

I will say, in my experience, weight loss is not always linear. Meaning that you may lose weight at first, plateau, gain a pound and then lose five more.


Although I may not know all the answers, I feel confident in saying that your body is adapting to the new changes (diet, exercise) that you are exposing it to. Meaning that it will take a bit of time to see some dramatic changes.

If done gradually though, I believe that most people's weight loss and physique goals can be achieved over the course of 3-12 months. The difference with Structure compared to other places is that these changes will be permanent, because you will have learned the skills necessary to change your behavior outside of the gym without the need for weight loss challenges or competitions.

Questions? Feel free to shoot me a message over on the CONNECT page.


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