Jeremy Armendinger
Owner and Coach

7 years ago I began working as a personal trainer and although a good amount of my clients saw results, some of them did not. 


Some felt like they had tried everything yet still struggled to make progress, others knew what to do but just weren't doing it, and a few even achieved their goals but lacked feeling successful and fulfilled. 


It was these exact same problems that my clients were dealing with that lead me to search for the most effective solutions in order to help them.

Today, I work with people of all ages and abilities at my studio in East Aurora, NY with the same purpose that I had in mind from day one.


To help you in the most effective way possible with your health and fitness.

What if you could get out of pain, change how you look and feel and maintain that progress permanently?

Structure was built to help you do just that.

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Janice W.

Just show up and Jeremy will do the rest. The training is excellent, not too easy or hard. And the best part is that is fun. He changes up the exercises every session and is available for lifestyle consultations after class. During class, he has motivating  words to share. The session size is small so he can monitor everyone. All and all, a worthy experience.

Pete B.

Jeremy is very knowledgeable. I feel one of his real strengths is the way he combines exercises to create a complete body workout. His training is both challenging and enjoyable.

Rene B.

Excellent business and extremely professional. Jeremy addresses every aspect of fitness from physical work to nutrition and mental outlook. Tailored to everyone's individual needs and goals and done in a fun and positive atmosphere. Great results without any pressure or negativity. There's no better place to go if you want to see permanent change and make friends along the way.

Murray W.

Jeremy demonstrates expertise in his craft and care for his clients at every session. He is motivating without being pushy in a robotic sense.

Owen O.

Jeremy runs a great operation here. He really knows his stuff. The workouts are very well put together. And all the other people I've met there are big fans of his too!

Ashley R.

I highly recommend Structure Fitness, Jeremy is a great trainer and the small group training program is exactly what I need to stay motivated.

David C.

I’ve just completed my trial 30 days at Structure Fitness and have signed up to continue! Jeremy is a great coach - he takes a good deal of time to talk with you to find out your goals, strengths, weakness, and then goes through an entire workout with you one-on-one to evaluate your physical abilities and limitations.

Each workout is different, but structured (no pun intended) the same with a great warm up, activities for strength and cardio, and then a warm down. Your station is pre-assigned before the workout with the weights/equipment specific to your needs and abilities. Jeremy will add/modify these as needed along with your form. There are also suggestions for at-home exercises to keep fit and flexible while away from class.

The environment is very clean, neat, well organized, and I quickly felt comfortable with the other clients - all very friendly and willing to help if I had a question. I have never felt intimidated or overwhelmed. I’m challenged to reach my personal potential, which is exactly what I was looking for!

Megan M.

Love training with Jeremy. He not only focuses on fitness but nutrition and overall balance. Very professional and listens to your concerns. Would recommend Structure Fitness to anyone and everyone.

Susan D.

I have been a client for over two years. I saw results right from the beginning. Jeremy is not just a personal trainer he is a life coach that always has fresh ideas on how to improve my health, diet and performance in the gym.

Jan A.

Not only excellent exercise routines with his attention to do them to fit your abilities and to do them properly, but Jeremy gives advice on nutrition and how to achieve your goals. He wants me to succeed and with his support, I will!

John G.

I’ve worked out in gyms for years going through different workouts and different gyms. Using heavy weights, machines, circuit training, cardio etc. I started with the 30 day trial and I was impressed from day 1. Jeremy first put me through a series of questions of my past workout history and what were my expectations going forward. My first workout put me through a series of exercises on a timed pace which targeted specific muscle groups without heavy weights and a bunch of machines. I walked out my first day saying this is for me. As I said earlier I’ve worked out for years but after each of Jeremy’s workout I could feel where I worked each muscle like I’ve never did before. It’s never the same, Jeremy walks you through the exercises before you do them and then motivates throughout. You’re time there is working out and not wasting time. I’ve signed up for additional training because the results are real and I can see and feel them immediately.

Lena W.

All too often I feel as though people join a gym and never use the membership. (I know I have!) Working out can be intimidating, confusing and frustrating especially without anyone to guide you. Its not like that here. I feel as though whatever place you're starting from you can comfortably work out here without that intimation or fear that you won't do the right things. If you show up ready to work, Jeremy will make it work for you.

I Iiterally look forward to coming to every class. While each session has a similar structure, every workout is unique. Jeremy constantly introduces new exercises and puts together a session that will leave you feeling both challenged and accomplished. He will customize everything to your fitness level so that you are getting the best workout to challenge you without feeling intimidated or in over your head.

Beyond the workout, Jeremy makes himself available to give motivation, feedback, tips and answer any questions you have. Nutrition lessons, wellness and motivation topics are weaved into the sessions and I walk away from each one learning something new. Jeremy genuinely cares about setting each one of his clients up for success beyond the training room.

Kristy D.

Jeremy provides really great, dynamic workouts. I highly recommend checking it out.

John W.

Highly, highly recommend checking this place out. Jeremy is very knowledgeable, focuses on overall health (joint health especially), and is able to quickly determine the best steps for your goals. Each workout is different, comprehensive, and challenging but not overwhelming.

Prior to joining, I was putting in the time at the gym but needed direction/education in order to continue my development. I get exactly that here, and I'm very happy to have discovered Structure.

This is for all levels, all ages, and all types of people. If you put in the work, you'll see the results.

Betsy D.

Structure Fitness is ideal for anyone who wants personal and professional guidance with workouts. I have learned so much from Jeremy - and I feel so good. Highly recommend that you take a close look at this opportunity!

Kit P.

Here are the things I love about Structure Fitness: very small classes, individualized coaching and instruction, the camaraderie, the variety and flexibility of workouts, the spotless gym, and of course, our coach, Jeremy. For anyone who has difficulty with a particular exercise, Jeremy will modify and/or substitute another exercise appropriate to that person's abilities. Many suggestions and guidelines are provided for overall fitness and nutrition, but without rigid rules. This place is golden!

Karen K.

Since I stopped exercising at a class for a couple of years and being a senior citizen, I was concerned how I could get back into my exercise and do it safely and without injury. Jeremy structured my workouts to my needs that lead to increasing my strength and overall health and well being. I highly recommend Structure Fitness that brought Structure to my workouts for over 2 years now!

Jacquelyn D.

Jeremy is a great mentor! He’s always willing and eager to help his clients, and also new trainers. I had questions on in person training and he invited me to his studio to shadow. He’s is precise and full of information!